Group 9 Homework

Islamic Studies Class work 02/05/2020

Group 9 islamic Studies Saturday 2nd May 2020

Islamic Studies Class work 25/04/2020

Islamic class class

Group 9 islamic Studies Saturday 25 April 2020

Islamic Studies Class work 18/04/2020

Islamic studies work

Group 9 islamic Studies Saturday 18 April 2020

Islamic Studies Class work 11/04/2020

Group 9 islamic Studies Saturday 11 April 2020

Arabic Class work 04/04/2020

04-04-20 Arabic Group9

Arabic Class work 28/03/2020

memrise ppt group 9

Islamic Studies Class work 28/03/2020

PPT Group 9 saturday 28 March 2020

Arabic Language Homework 21/03/2020

Complete The Reading foundation paper
(the sample assessment, not the 2019 ).
We will mark it in class next week .
You might find it difficult, don’t panic do as much as you can , don’t use any ressources to help you .



Arabic Language Homework 14/03/20:

1-Ensure you memorise your Arabic presentation .
2-complete the listening  Foundation sample paper using the transcript .




Islamic Studies Homework 14/03/2020


·      Revise all the six articles of faith.

·      Each student was allocated one pillar of Faith (Imaan to research about)

·      Write a paragraph about:

·      The meaning of the allocated pillar of faith (70 words)

·      Find relevant textual evidence ( from Quran to support your arguments) (60 w0rds)

·      Explain the way the belief in your allocated pillar of faith guides the muslim way of life.  (150 words)


NOTE:  we expect a well presented piece of work so that it is copied to your colleague in the class.












Arabic Language Homework 15/02/2020

Task 1:
Write all the  answers for the speaking exam you did , ensure you use the verbal feedback given at the end of the exam to edit your answers .

Task 2:
Answer all the bullets points for the picture based discussion pack .

Arabic Language Homework 15/02/2020

Prepare for your speaking exam , ensure you  can answer different questions related to The internet , mobile phones and social media .

Islamic studies Homework 15/02/2020

Group 9 islamic Studies Revision week term 1 2020

Arabic Language Homework 08/02/2020

Revise the vocabulary related to the following topics :
Work and routine 
Travel and tourism 
News , media and internet 
Global dimensions (musical festivals , sports events ,campaigns and environment.).

Arabic Language Homework 01/02/2020

Answer the following question :ما هي مزايا و عيوب الإنترنت ؟

Write your answer then memorise it.

A short speaking test will take place on Saturdaythe 1st of February about the topic of internet.


Islamic studies homework 18/01/2019

 Answer question given in the class. (Past papers)

Arabic Language Homework 18/01/2020

Memorise the paragraph we did in class about using ,browsing and following in the internet .
Find out three disadvantages of the internet in English then translate themto Arabic 


Group Arabic Language Homework 11/01/2020

Complete exercise 3 and 4 page 45.Find three advantages and three desadvantages Of the internet in Arabic .make simple sentences .

Arabic Language Homework 04/01/2020

Complete all the Gcse speaking questions around theme 1 from the

speaking booklet I handed in class

Attempt the higher questions please .

Complete the writing task about my self and my family أنا و عائلتي


Arabic Language Homework 14/12/19:

Prepare the speaking presentation with your chosen Topic Ms Sawsan  will work on it with you next week 
Complete the writing task we started in class about my school life .


Arabic Language Homework 7/12/2019

Write a letter to Mostafa telling him about the Arabic vines festival .
Make sure you have your speaking presentation ready .

Group 9 Islamic studies   30/11/2019

1. Discuss the following statement giving consideration to another point of view.

The wars of apostasy were only important  incident that defines the greatness of Abubakar as a Caliph

(200 Words)2. Read  for class discussion: the achievements of Abubakar.

Arabic Language Homework 30/11/2019

Translate the four bullet points we covered today about the Arabic cinema festivals, then write a least two lines for each bullet point.

Arabic Language Homework 23/11/2019

Draw a mind map about your chosen topic for presentation.

Arabic Language Homework 16/11/2019

Go on the Pearson Edexcel website 

Arabic Language Homework 16/11/2019

Go on the Pearson Edexcel website 

Find the Arabic vocabulary learning ,try to learn ten words per week .


Islamic studies  Homework 9/11/2019

1. Describe the way Abubakar came to be the first Khalifa of the prophet.

(200 Words)

2. Discuss the following statement giving consideration to another point of view.

“Abubakar al siddiqui (RA) was the only companion who had the qualities to become a caliph of the prophet”

(200 Words)

Arabic Language Homework 9/11/2019

Write the essay about volunteering in the animal shelter, then find out about Arabic sports and musical events.



1.       Read the attached notes that complement the lesson discussed in the class session about the companions of the prophet that form part of the Muslim community in Madina.

·         Student who have a text book should read (page 130 +)Describe the qualities of the companions of the prophet and their role in the development of Islam. (your illustrations should be based on the Madina community) 250 words

2.       Complete the worksheet given to you in the classroom.

Arabic Language Homework 19/10/2019

Answer the 2 questions given in form of an essay.