Group 8 Homework

بسم الله الرحمن الرحي

Islamic Studies Class work 02/05/2020
Arabic Class work 02/05/2020
Arabic class work

Islamic Studies Class work 25/04/2020
Islamic class work

Arabic Class work 18/04/2020
Arabic class work
Islamic Studies Class work 18/04/2020
Islamic studies work

Islamic Studies Class work 11/04/2020
Islamic studies work
Arabic Class work 11/04/2020
Arabic class work

Arabic Class work 04/04/2020
Arabic work

Arabic Class work 28/03/2020

Islamic Studies Class work 28/03/2020

Arabic Language Homework 21/03/2020
Use the two different destinations Tangier and Madrid to write two separate paragraphs about a trip you took or will take to those destinations.
Make sure you use the right tenses .

Arabic Language Homework 14/03/20

Translate the remaining text from sohair’s blog ,then
Identify all the verbs in the first person plural  “we” and convert them to the first person singular  أنا .
Arabic Language Homework 07/03/2020
Complete exercise 6 and 7 page 85 .

Arabic Language Homework 15/02/2020
Prepare for your speaking exam .
Ensure you can answer questions related to work such as :
What do you want to work as in the future and why?
Also the travel topic :
What is your opinion about the city you are living in?
Islamic studies Homework 15/02/2020

Arabic Language Homework 08/02/2020
Read through page 81 then complete exercise 5.
You need to complete the exercise 5 according to the following instructions :
Read the the eight steps in the box , then change the verb from the first person plural to the first person singular as in  the example :
أخذنا الباص من جدة إلى مكة المكرمة
When you use the first person singular it becomes :
أخذت الباص من جدة إلى مكة المكرمة.
After you complete the changes translate the sentences
Arabic Language Homework 01/02/2020
Email sent to parents/Guardians

Islamic studies Homework 18/01/2019

Studying about prophet and Early muslim migration from mecca to Abbysinia and Median gave the students an opportunity to reflect and relate current migration trends and theirimpact on individuals and societies or nation states a whole.

In addition to the work given in the class,

Compare and contrast the Early muslim migration from Makkah to Abbysinia or madina with the current migration of people from one country to another.

Show similarities and contrasts by considering:

Reasons for migration:
Nature of the origin host country.
Positive and Negative Effects of migration on places of origin.
Positive and Negative Effects on host country.

Your work should not be less than 500 words.


Arabic Language Homework 18/01/2020
Write a paragraph describing your city using the connectives we learnt in class.

Arabic Language Homework 11/01/2020

Complete exercise 5 B/C/D

Arabic Language Homework 04/01/2020

Complete exercise 5 A/B/C/D p 90 .from the booklet

Arabic Language Homework 14/12/19:
Translate the paragraphs about the four cities in the
Booklet , then write your own  paragraph describing the city your live in .

Arabic Language Homework 7/12/2019
Complete writing the paragraph about your area using some of the places
you have learnt and also the connectives you have learnt today .
Complete exercise 2 page 87 in the booklet .

Islamic Studies Homework 30/11/2019

Group 8 islamic studies week 23 Nov 2019

Complete the questions from the above sheet.


1. Why were the earlier experiences in the life of Muhammad (pbuh) important in preparing him for the great responsibility as a prophet? Refer to all experiences you can remember.

(200 Words)

2. Read about the first revelation and its effect on the prophet and the people around him

Arabic Language Homework 30/11/2019

*Complete the essay about what do you want to be in the future and why?

                                          (Due 7/12/2019)
* Memorise the phrases on how to ask about the way in the box page 76.
*Revise the 9 places around the town for spellings plus meaning test.

Arabic Language Homework 23/11/2019

Write the introduction for the question –
What do you want to be in the future?

Make sure you memorise it too.

Arabic Language Homework 16/11/2019

Answer the question

ماذا تريد ان تكون في المستقبل و لماذا؟

 Islamic studies Homework 9/11/2019

1. Discuss the early life of the prophet from birth to till marriage.

(200 Words)

2. How did the earlier experiences in life important in preparing him for the great responsibility as a prophet?

(200 Words)

Arabic Language Homework 9/11/2019

Translate the two job applications remaining,  then complete question 1 and 3 exercise 11 page 51.



1.       Read the attached notes that complement the lesson discussed in the class session about the companions of the prophet that form part of the Muslim community in Madina.

·         Student who have a text book should read (page 130 +)

Describe the role of the companions of the prophet in the development of Islam during the early days of the muslim community in Madina . (your illustrations should be based on the madina community) 250 words.
2.       Complete the worksheet given to you in the classroom.

3. Explain using correct illustrations the way the qualities of the companions of the prophet can help us in solving 21st Century problems.

Arabic Language Homework 19/10/2019
Write a CV for a professional person using using
the elements we learnt in class.

Arabic Language Homework 05/10/2019
Students need to answer to all the questions of the topic
who I am from the worksheets given in class.
Use the vocabulary learnt in the topic from the Mastering Arabic book.