Group 6 Homework

 بسم الله الرحمن الرح

Arabic Class work 02/05/2020

Arabic Class work 25/04/2020
Arabic class work

Islamic Studies Class work 18/04/2020
Islamic Studies work
Arabic Class work 18/04/2020
Arabic class work

Arabic Class work 11/04/2020
Arabic class work
Islamic Studies Class work 11/04/2020

Arabic Class work 04/04/2020
Arabic work
Islamic Studies Class work 04/04/2020

Arabic Class work 28/03/2020
Islamic Studies Class work 28/03/2020

Arabic Language Homework 21/03/2020
To write a paragraph of 50 words following the example done in class.
You need to use different seasons, places and activities.
Also, remember to include the five questions into your sentence
(Where , with who,when,what and how was it)

Islamic Studies Homework 14/03/2020

Please answer the questions/or complete the tasks of the following pages
69,70,71,72,74 and 75.

Arabic Language Homework 15/02/2020

Complete all the exercises from the last pages of the textbook.
Revise the prepositions
Revise the opposites learnt in the two last topics
Revise the vocabulary of seasons.
Islamic Studies  Homework 15/02/2020
Please complete the questions on the following pages inside the workbook….pages 51,52 and 53.
Also revise in the coursebook pages 16 to 71,especially the beginning pages which are the essentials of Deen, pages 16 to 23.
Please note your child will have a mid-year test next week so they revise thoroughly please.

Arabic Language Homework 08/02/2020
Complete the exercises 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 from page 206 to 208.
Islamic Studies  Homework 08/02/2020

Please complete the following pages in the workbook….pages 46,47,48 and 49.

Also try to memorise the 4 Fardh Acts of Wudhu on Page 66 in the Coursebook.

Arabic Language Homework 01/02/20

  • Write down the English meaning for the pictures with the Arabic one on pages 173/174 on your notebook.
  • Complete EX 4 page 177, Ex 5 and Ex 6 page 178
Islamic Studies Homework 01/02/2020
Please complete the chapter called SEEING ALLAH(in jannah) inside the
Workbook(This was last weeks homework).
Also complete pages 46 and 47 inside the Workbook


Arabic Language Homework 18/01/2020

  •  Translate the first paragraph of the text on page 170 into their notebook.
  • Write the description of the pictures on pages 170/171 using the worksheet below to help them.
  • Make as much as you can of simple, full and concise sentences.
Islamic Studies Homework 18/01/2020
Please complete the answers of the following pages of the workbook,
pages 42,43 and 44.

Islamic Studies Homework 11/01/2020

Learn the 4 Duaas which are before and after eating plus before and after sleeping.
Arabic Language Homework 11/01/2020
  •  Copy the text page 170 with neat handwriting. 
  • Underline the words that they know.
  • Practice reading the text.

Arabic Language homework 04/01/2020

To complete the exercises from page157 to page 159.
Islamic Studies Homework 4/1/2020
Memorize the Duaa which should be read before eating and after eating.
Also memorize the Duaa before going to sleep and upon waking up.

Islamic studies homework 14/12/19:
Looking at Page 53 of the Coursebook, there is a sub-heading called “Sunnah we can bring into our lives”, write down as many of them you can which you will practice throughout the week.
Also from last week’s homework, write down 10 actions which you will do throughout the week which falls under the category of “Obeying Allah and Obeying his Messenger”.
Arabic Language Homework 14/12/19:
  • Stick all the pictures/vocabulary on their notebook.
  • Complete all previous missing writing from the text (for the students who did not complete heir previous homework)
  • Write then complex sentences using the vocabulary of the weather/days/hobbies/verbs and linking words such as, but, and, also.
  • Use all the resources given to you in class to help you.
  • Finally, tidy your notebook.

Islamic Studies Homework 7/12/2019
Make a note until next Saturday of 10 different actions or
anything else you do which will fall in the category of
“Obeying Allah or Obeying our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)”.
Arabic Language Homework 7/12/2019
To copy down the whole paragraph on page 151 with very neat handwriting.

Also, practice reading the text.
Describe all the other seasons using the description of the Winter done in class as an example for you to follow.

Arabic Language Homework 30/11/2019

  •  Practice reading the text page 150/151.
  • Learn the vocabulary given in the lesson.
  • Complete the Winter season with the bullets points.
  • Copy down the second paragraph of the text on page 150 with very neat handwriting.

Islamic Studies Homework 30/11/2019
Please complete pages 32 till 36 in the homework book.

Arabic Language Homework 23/11/2019

To practice reading the text on the page 150 and copy

the first paragraph of the text in your notebook

with a neat handwriting.

Islamic Studies Homework 23/11/2019

Workbook Page 32

Arabic Language Homework 16/11/19

Students in group 6 need to complete Ex 4 on the page 81.

Also, Practice the spelling of the sentences on the page 78.
Islamic Studies
Please complete pages 27,28,29,30 and 31 in the workbook.

Arabic Language Homework 9/11/2019

Read through the worksheet given in class and use it for:

  1. Copy the text page 74
  2. Try to translate the text or the words that you know.
  3. Write down your translated text or the words on your note book.

Arabic Language homework 19/10/2019

Complete Ex 4 , Ex 5 on page 52 and Ex 6 on page 53 from the Arabic book 5.

The grammar book – Please complete Ex 2 on page 18
(Please, when you match the words, write the sentences on your notebook)

Arabic Language Homework 12/10/2019

Students need to complete Ex 3 page 51
Put each word for the page 48 into a sentence.
Page 49 , read and write neatly.

Arabic language Homework 05/10/2019
Students need to carry on writing about themselves
using the worksheets given in class to guide them.
They need to memories it to practice for their speaking

Arabic Language Homework 21/09/2019

Students in group 6 need to practice reading the text page 44 very well.

They need to underline all the nouns in the text.