Group 5

Arabic Language Class work 02/05/2020
Arabic class work
Islamic Studies Class work 02/05/2020
Islamic class work

Arabic Language Class work 25/04/2020
Arabic class work

Arabic Class work 18/04/2020
Arabic Class work 
Islamic Studies Class work 18/04/2020
Islamic studies work

Arabic Class work 11/04/2020
Arabic class work
Islamic Studies Class work 11/04/2020
Islamic studies work

Arabic Class work 04/04/2020
Arabic work
Islamic Studies Class work 04/04/2020
Islamic studies work

Arabic Class work 28/03/2020
Islamic Studies Class work 28/03/2020

islamic dress code lesson (1)

Islamic Studies Homework 21/03/2020
Complete workbook from pages 59 until 69

Islamic studies Homework 14/03/20

Go over exam questions and test family and friends from the exam. Share the answers and ensure you know all the answers to all questions by asking someone to test you. You should get nothing less than 100% if you are asked to sit the same exam again on Saturday 


Arabic Language Homework 15/02/2020

Learn vocabulary on page 77 and 87 for spelling test.


Islamic studies Homework 15/02/2020

can you revise from pages 24 – 82. In addition to that kindly revise all the stories of the prophets in the book. Many questions will be from the workbook so use that as a guide for questions to expect.

Arabic Language Homework 08/02/2020

Page 83-84 reading and understanding text using vocabulary on page 85 and 86.

Arabic Language Homework 18/01/2020

Practice vocabulary on page 78
Read through text on page 74

Arabic Language Homework 11/01/2020

Handwriting practice – copy Arabic text on page 74 also to

recap on exercise 1-5 on page 63-65.  

Islamic Studies Homework 11/01/2020

Workbook upto page 60 for those who didn’t hand on thier books this week 


Arabic Language homework 04/01/2020

Read the Dialogue page 36,37 in your My Book4  and write it in a piece of paper.
In your Grammar1 Book do these exercises:-
Exe.1,2,3 pages 28,29
Exe.1,2, Page34
Exe.2 page 38

Watch these videos to help you when learning Arabic:

Islamic studies 5 Homework 04/01/2020

Work book upto page 58


Read story of ayyub a.s page 64-67

Read story of yunus a.s page 74-79

Read story of dawud and jalut a.s page 84-89

Read story of dawud a.s page 114-119

Arabic Language Homework 14/12/19:

Watch these videos:-

 Now try to complete the sheet we had started on Saturday.


Arabic Language Homework 7/12/19

Watch these videos:-

Islamic Studies 7/12/19
Recite or listen to Surah Mulk (29th juz) every night before you go to bed. 

Arabic Language Homework 30/11/2019 Watch these videos:- 



  In your My Book4:-1-Read vocabulary page 37,382-Do exercise 3,4,5,6,7 pages 42,43.

Arabic Language Homework 23/11/2019In your Grammar book page 27Learn the verbs and  make sentences for these verbs:-يدرس studyجلس satقرا. Read

Islamic Group 16/11/2019

 Homework book to be completed until page 31Arabic Language Homework 16/11/2019 Watch this video:-

                                    In Your book :- My Book4Read page 17 ,18Memorise  Vocabulary page 19,20Do exercise 3 and 4 page 24  

Islamic studies Homework 9/11/2019

Complete workbook upto page 26

Arabic Language Homework 02/11/2019

1-Watch this video and write days of the week in Arabic:-

2-In your grammar book do these exercises:-

Exercise 1,2,3,4 pages 5,6

3-Write all Arabic letters .

   4- watch this video and write family members in Arabic:/

Arabic Language Homework 19/10/2019  1.Watch the videos.    2-Write all the Arabic letters. 3-Complete the sheet which we started in the classroom and put your name in Arabic      

Islamic studies Homework 12/10/2019 Workbook Page 16-21  Arabic Language Homework 12/10/2019 1-Write your name in Arabic.

First write the letters in your name after that join .2-Write the naughty letters and write the reason why we call naughty.   3- watch this video:-

Homework 05/10/2019

Arabic Language 

Watch this video:-

Write all Arabic letters in a piece of paper.
In My Book4
Grammar 1
Do exercise 1 page5