Group 3 Homework

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Islamic Studies Class work 02/05/2020
Arabic Language Class work 02/05/2020
Arabic class work

Islamic Studies Class work 25/04/2020
Islamic class work
Arabic Language Class work 25/04/2020
Arabic class work

Islamic Studies Class work 18/04/2020
Islamic Studies work
Arabic language Group 3A & 3B  18/04/2020
Arabic class work

Arabic language Group 3A & 3B  11/04/2020
Arabic class work
Islamic Studies Class work 11/04/2020

Islamic Studies Class work 04/04/2020
Islamic studies work
Arabic language Group 3A & 3B  04/04/2020
Arabic work

Arabic language Group 3A & 3B  28/03/2020
  • Translate the following words to Arabic: telephone, pyramid and river
  • Can you do the exercises for the letter haa in the  handwriting book page 59-63
Islamic Studies Class work 28/03/2020

Arabic Language Homework 3A and 3B, 14/03/20:
  • Can you draw a tiger and a fire and write the names in Arabic under the drawing
  • Can you do the exercises for the letter noon in the  handwriting book page 54-58
Arabic Language Homework 3A & 3B  15/02/2020
Write the Arabic alphabet letters from Alif – Meem with their different forms eg. 
س – ســ – ــســ – ـــس ، ـاس

Arabic Language Homework 3A & 3B  08/02/2020
Can you do the exercises for the letter meem from page 49 -53 – handwriting book

Arabic Language Homework 01/02/2020
Group 3A & 3B
Translate the words to Arabic:-
English Arabic

Arabic Group 3a & 3b 18/01/2020
  • Can you finish up the exercises on page 43 to 48 ( handwriting book)

Arabic Language Homework 3a & 3b 11/01/2020
  • Can you finish up the exercises for the shaddah on page 40 ( handwriting book)
  • Can you do the number’s exercises on page 41&42 in handwriting book if you haven’t done it yet 

Arabic Group 3A & 3B 04/01/2020
Can you finish up the exercises in handwriting book from page 114-122
Can you do the number’s exercises on handwriting book

























Islamic Studies homework 4/01/2020

Write a creative account of a person who is praying salah and breaks his salah in the different ways discussed in class. For example, Ahmad started his salah, he then saw a clown so he started to laugh…. Use the chapter on nawaqid salah in the book to help you.

Please revise the conditions before salah, 6 fardh of salah and the dua to be read when starting salah (Thanaa).


Arabic Language Homework 3A & 3B, 14/12/19:

Can you finish up the exercises in handwriting book from page 29-33.


Islamic studies homework 14/12/19:

Can the students please complete page 20/21 of the workbook which is the description of the 6 fardh actions of salah. 
Students were also taught the dua for beginning of salah called ‘thanaa’. Please revise this.









Arabic Group 3A & 3B
– Can you do the vocabulary from page 24-28 in handwriting book.

Arabic Language Homework Group 3A & 3B 30/11/2019
– Write and draw one example for each letter from (ص) to (غ)
– Try to write your name in Arabic on top of your letters and examples 

Islamic Studies Homework 30/11/2019
Can the children complete the poster that they started in class
regarding the conditions before salah. 






























Islamic Studies Homework 23/11/2019
Can students read through the chapter on the conditions before salah i.e. what factors must be considered before a person starts to pray. Page 33 of coursebook.
Also, students should note down the times of prayer on Friday 22nd November using the timetable of their local mosque.
Arabic language Homework 23/11/2019
3 a&b
– Do page 21-23 in handwriting book
– Write the Arabic numbers from one to ten

































Arabic language G3A& 3B 16/11/2019

• Complete the exercises in your hand writing book page 17 -20




































Arabic language Homework 3A & 3B
Can you do page 9, 10 & 11 ( My book 2 handwriting)
Islamic Studies Homework 19/10/2019
Complete page 10/11 and 12/13 in the workbook relating to the fardh of wudhu and ghusl. Use the coursebook to help. 
*Note to parents– last week many students completed posters relating to wudhu and key terms of Fiqh. There were some fantastic posters which should be put up at home. Unfortunately, almost half the class either did not do the work or left the posters at home. Please ensure you confirm with the children that they have taken any homework etc with them on Saturday morning. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Islamic Studies Homework 12/10/2019






































Group  3A






































Design poster on the 4 faraaidh of wudhu.
Use imagery
Group 3B
Make a poster on the terms learnt during last lesson.
Terms and their definition






































Arabic Language Homework 12/10/2019
• Draw a rocket and write its name in Arabic
• Can you write the classroom password word in Arabic 





Arabic Language Homework 05/10/2019

• Can you do as much as you can  page 22-24 from My Book 2.








Arabic Language Homework 21/09/2019

  • Can you do the exercise on My Book 2 page 9,11 and 12
Islamic Studies Homework 21/09/2019


Students need to memorise part of the dua of salah “thanaa”

سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك

Subhaanakallaahumma wa bihamdika

This is the section they must know for next week.

** Br Tahir group – Dear Parents please send a hand towel wth your child as they will be learning how to do wudhu practically.


Arabic Language homework 29/06/2019
A check list has been given to children in class for revision,
please encourage students to go over their exercises.

Arabic Language Homework 22/06/2019
Can you match each of the Arabic verses with the correct translation :
مَرْحَباً                       How are you 
كَيْفَ حَالُكُم               She is good
أنا بِخير.                                  Hello
هو بِخير.               We’re all good 
هي بِخير.                      I am good 
كلنا بِخير.                   He is good 

Arabic language homework 15/06/19:

  • Spelling test:





  • Draw knife, house, dog and sweet paper and colour them in different colours , then write the name of the colour under each one

Arabic Language Homework 08/06/2019

Can you do as much as you can from the revision exercise on page 203- 220


Arabic Language homework 18/05/19:

  • Complete the table below by adding the letters together to make words:-
بَيْتٌ تٌ يْ بَ
لٌ ْي فِ
رٌ يْ طَ
نٌ يْ عَ
دٌ رْ وَ
هٌ جْ وَ
زٌ وْ مَ
فُ نْ أَ
رٌ ا نَ
بٌ لْ كَ

 Arabic Language Homework 11/05/2019

  • Can you translate this words to Arabic: star, moon, teacher, book, cat, elephant, tooth and envelope.


Arabic language homework 04/05/19;

Can you draw three things starting with the letter (ي) and write the names under the words 

Arabic Language Homework 27/04/19:

  • Can you revise the words on page 187 ( the meaning & how to write them
  • Can you write all the Arabic alphabet with one example for each letter e.g أ- أرنب

Arabic Language Homework 06/04/2019

  • Can you revise the words on page 179 ( the meaning & how to write them ) 
  • Can you do page 185 in ‘ my book 2’


Islamic studies homework 30/03/19:

 An-Naseehah workbook pages 46 & 47

Arabic language homework 30/03/19:

  • Complete the exercises on page 173 My book 2 
  • Rewrite the words in page 168

Arabic Language homework 16/03/19:

  • Can you find what is those things called in Arabic Tiger, Fire and Knife and write them in your book, you can also draw them if you like, make sure you do your homework in a book not a paper 

 Arabic Language Homework 09/03/2019

Can you find what is these things called in Arabic Banana,

moon and pen and write them in your book,

you can also draw them if you like


Arabic language 16/02/2019

    Revise for the test from the letter Saad – kaaf 

Islamic studies homework 09/02/19:

Revision of Fiqh as follows:

Terminology learnt at the beginning of the year including Fardh, Sunnah Muakkadah, sunnah ghair Muakkadah, nafl, waajib, haraam, makrooh.

Conditions before salah

The fardh in salah and method of performing salah

Number of rakah in each salah. (students should at least know number of fardh rakah in each salah)

Those actions which break salah.

Arabic language homework 09/02/19:

  • Write the numbers from 1-10 in Arabic five times 


  • spellings words for next week لسان، كلب، فيل


Arabic language homework 02/02/19:

  • Draw your favourite fruits and colour them with any of the colours on page 25 and name them in Arabic write the name under each one.   

  • Keep practicing to write your name in Arabic add to it

…… أنا إسمي


Arabic Language Homework 26/01/2019
  • Attempt all the exercises from page 34 – 39 in (My book 2 handwriting book)             


  • Keep practicing to write your name in Arabic 


Islamic Studies homework 26/01/2019

Ilm2Amal homework

Page 70. Students to write down 5 role models and a sentence to explain why they are role models.

Students to choose one of these role models and write a postcard for them on the sheet provided.

A note to parents – at the end of the chapter is a space for you to write down how your child found the homework and the lesson as a whole. Please ensure you discuss with the children and give feedback. The children have been giving fantastic answers in the class and have been really engaged, and feedback on this from parents would be useful.