Group 1 Homework


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Islamic Studies Class work 02/05/2020

02-05-20 G1-IS

Arabic Language Class work 02/05/2020

Arabic class work

PowerPoint alphabets + words

Arabic Language Class work 25/04/2020

Arabic class

Alphabets Activity

Arabic letters writing practice (5 letters)

Arabic Class work 18/04/2020

Arabic class work

Revision 18-04-2020

Arabic Class work 11/04/2020



حرف الألف

حرف الباء


Islamic Studies Class work 11/04/2020

11-04-20 G1-IS

Arabic Class work 04/04/2020

Arabic work

Arabic-Letter-Formation-Powerpoint + Homework Arabic-Letter-Formation-Powerpoint + Homework حرف الهاء حرف الواو هاء واو

Islamic Studies Class work 04/04/2020

04-04-20 G1-IS

Arabic Class work 28/03/2020

حرف الألف

حرف الباء

حرف التاء

حرف الثاء

حرف الجيم

حرف الحاء

حرف الخاء

حرف الدال

حرف الذال

حرف الراء

حرف الزاي

حرف السين

حرف الشين

حرف الصاد

حرف الضاد

حرف الطاء

حرف العين

حرف الغين

حرف الفاء

حرف القاف(1)

حرف القاف

حرف الكاف

حرف اللام(1)

حرف اللام

حرف الميم

حرف النون(1)

حرف النون

حرف الهاء

حرف الواو

حرف الياء

Arabic glossary

Homework for Group 1- Nourhene

letters and 7arakat

letters and their different forms

حرف الفاء

حرف القاف

حرف الكاف

حرف اللام

حرف الميم

حرف النون

فاء exercise

قاف exercise

كاف exercise

لام exercise

ميم exercise

نون exercise

Islamic Studies Class work 28/03/2020

Group 1 – Lesson Keeping Clean


Islamic Studies Homework 21/03/20

  1. Read pages 46 & 47 of an- Naseehah Coursebook 1
  2. Complete page 30 an- Naseehah Workbook1








Islamic studies Homework 14/03/20:


  1. Read pages 44 & 45 of an- Naseehah Coursebook 1
  2. Complete page 29 an- Naseehah Workbook1



Arabic Homework 14/03/20:

Pg 97 letter noon

Pg 99 practice vocabulary 

نمر نجمة نخلة




Arabic Language Homework 15/02/2020

Practice numbers 1-10 in Arabic.
Practice vocabulary for the following letters:
ع غ ف ق ك ل م please use pages 50-92.
Practice the following colours in Arabic: 
احمر red اسود is black ابيض is white اخضر is green. 
Also learn the 4 seasons in Arabic page 84-86.

Islamic Studies Homework  15/02/2020

Revise all chapters of Fiqh and Aqa’id from An-Naseehah book 1.

Arabic Language Homework 08/02/2020

Practice vocabulary on page 90 and page 92.



Complete page 66 to 71 in workbook on chapter of starting things on right side.


Arabic Language Homework 01/02/2020

Practice name of the seasons on page 84-86 and

to complete exercise 1 on page 86 and exercise 3 and 4 on page 88



Arabic Language Homework 18/01/2020

Practice vocabulary on page
76 and 78-
Practice names of colours in arabic –
red is احمر
Green is اخضر
Black is اسود
White is ابيض



Islamic StudiesHomework 11/01/2020

  1. Complete pages 59 of an- Naseehah Workbook1

This is related to pages 94-101 of the coursebook



Arabic Language Homework 11/01/2020

Practice  vocabulary on page 69 and 71. Also to practice the names of the

colour red in arabic(احمر) and green in Arabic(اخضر)


Arabic Language Homework 14/12/19:

Practise vocabulary on page 61 and 63


Islamic studies homework 14/12/19:

  1. Complete pages 46 & 47 of an- Naseehah Workbook1

This is related to pages 72-79 of the coursebook









Islamic studies Homework 7/12/2019

Complete pages 44 & 45 of an- Naseehah Workbook1

This is related to pages 68-71 of the course books

Arabic Language Homework 7/12/2019

Practice vocabulary page 53- فرشاة and فىل


Arabic Language Homework 30/11/2019

Practice vocabulary page 46 and page 48

Islamic Studies Homework 30/11/2019

  1. Complete pages 56 & 57 of an- Naseehah Workbook1

This is related to pages 89-91 of the course book


Islamic Studies Homework 23/11/2019

  1. Read over course book pages 86-88
  2. Finish off poster activity as below:

Make a lapbook with the word ‘Ar-Razzaq’- The Provider at the front. Inside draw/write all the things you can think of which Allah has provided. Decorate and make it colourful if possible.

Note: this activity was started off in class and only requires to be finished off


Islamic Studies Homework 16/11/2019






























Learn and memorise 7 articles of faith


Arabic Language Homework 16/11/2019
Exercise on page 33,34,35

Islamic Studies Homework 9/11/2019

































Read over the 7 Articles of faith and begin to memorise these

Islamic Studies Homework 02/11/2019
• Complete An-Naseehah workbook 1 pages 22-24
• Revise and discuss all five pillars 
• Continue practising the shahadah and build into daily routine so that you are reading it every morning and evening. 

 Islamic Studies homework 12/10/2019
– Recite the Shahadah daily 
– complete workbook pages 15-17
– read over textbook page 33 on Zakat 


Arabic Language homework  29/06/19
To be able to know and identify the Arabic alphabet from alif to yaa.
To be able to write the Arabic alphabet in order from alif to yaa
To learn one one word that begins with the following letters.
Please use the orange Arabic book part 2
ك page 69-71
ل page 76-78
م page-90-92
ن page-97-99
ه page 105-107

Islamic Studies Homework 29/06/19







































Revise all chapters in An-Naseehah book 1 


Arabic Language Homework 22/06/2019
Revise for end of year test
To be able to know and identify the Arabic alphabet from Alif to Yaa.
To be able to write the Arabic alphabet in order from Alif to Yaa
To learn one one word that begins with the following letters. Please use the orange Arabic book part 2
ك page 69-71
ل page 76-78
م page-90-92
ن page-97-99
ه page 105-107

Islamic Studies Homework 08/06/2019

Workbook page 65

Islamic Studies Homework 06/04/2019

Hadith on feeding the hungry and visiting the sick 
Workbook page 29

Islamic Studies homework 30/03/19:

Revise all of the ādāb we have learnt
Learn some of the duas related eating, drinking and sleeping etc

Complete Page 78 of workbooks

Islamic studies homework 16/03/19:

Pages 79 and 80 of workbook
Memorise the duas for entering and exiting the washroom

Islamic Studies 16/02/2019

Revise: the five pillars, the articles of faith, and the stories of the prophets

Arabic Language 16/02/2019

Students should practice the order of the arabic alphabet from

Alif to letter Qaaf.

Students should know one word beginning with each letter of the Arabic alphabet from the letter saad to qaaf- please refer to page 7-61 in orange arabic book part 2

Children should be able to write arabic letters from alif to qaaf also.

Islamic studies homework 09/02/19:

An-Naseehah Workbook page 73-75

Islamic Studies homework 02/02/19

An-Naseehah workbook pages 59-61


Arabic language homework 02/02/19:

revision for test on 15/02/19-
To know the arabic alphabet in order from alif till qaaf-

Also to know one word that begins with each letter from the letter saad till qaaf-

please refer to arabic book part 2(orange colour)

After each letter there are a minimum of 3 words-

children should memorise at least one word for each letter.

For example letter saad- sarookh(page pg 6)


Islamic Studies Homework 26/01/2019

An-Naseehah Workbook page 41

Also read through whole Sirah section

Islamic Studies Homework 19/01/2019
Workbook page 40

Islamic Studies homework 12/01/2019
Workbook page 35
Islamic Studies homework 15/12/2018
Read over the story of Adam Alaihis-salaam
An-Naseehah Workbook pages 43 & 44
 Islamic Studies homework 08/12/2018
An-Naseehah Workbook 1

Complete activities on pages 56 & 57 of Group 1 Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies Homework 01/12/2018
Finish poster on Ar-Razzaq – draw some of the things which
Allah has give you and decorate it with colours.

Islamic studies  24/11/2018

Read through pages 84 and 85 of An-Naseehah COURSEBOOK 1

Quran Homework 17/11/2018
• Learn the small letters in Quaid Hafs
• Gargle with water every time you brush your teeth to strengthen your pronunciation
 Islamic Studies Homework 17/11/2018
Learn the seven articles of faith
An-Naseehah workbook 1 page 53 & 54

Islamic studies 10/11/2018

An-naseehah work book page 53

Read 7 articles of faith

Islamic studies Homework 20/10/2018

 Revise shahaadah and five pillars & Workbook pages 22-23

Arabic Language Homework 13/10/2018
Revise shahaadah
Workbook Pages 18-21
Arabic language H/W  06/10/2018
  • Copy the letter (ض) in your ( My book reception part2) page 15

Islamic Studies Homework 06/10/2018
Revise Practise the shahadah
  Read through page 33 of course book on Zakah
and finish pages 16 & 17 of workbook
Group (1) Arabic language H/W  29/09/2018
• Copy the letter Saad in your exercise book

• Draw two pictures that started with Saad

**** Do your H /W at the back of your book ( from the right) as you’ve
been shown at the class****
 Arabic language 22/09/2018
  • Write the Arabic letters from Alf – sheen five times in your book.